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Atlantic Carbon Group

Atlantic Carbon Group Plc is a UK based anthracite mining and processing company which is on course to become the leading US producer of high quality anthracite coal. Our focus of operations is on the North East Pennsylvanian Coalfield, USA, where we have our flagship operation Stockton Mine.

The company has become an established opencast producer of anthracite in the region, and is now...

Atlantic Carbon Group


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Atlantic Carbon Group Snapshot

The company has a highly experienced Board and an Anglo-American management team, whose combined expertise and knowledge are being carefully used to build on our profile in a carefully chosen area. The North East Pennsylvanian Coalfield benefits from well-documented reserves, an established local infrastructure designed around the anthracite industry, and the key thing which sets us apart from many other overseas natural resources investment opportunities – political stability. The UK and US also have long established business relationships which support our operations and expansion. We have a lease option on one other mine in the area, Pott & Bannon, and the Board are involved in on-going research and negotiations regarding the acquisition of additional sites.

The company is listed on both the London Stock Exchange’s Alternative Investment Market (AIM) and the US OTC QX Market (ticker “ATC”).

The coalfield is well-documented, conveniently located for exports, has an established local infrastructure designed around the anthracite production industry, and yields high quality product. However it also holds one major benefit over other overseas natural resources investment opportunities – it is located in a politically stable environment, with close, long-established business relationships between the UK and the US. This stability goes a long way to ensuring the profitability and sustainability of our operations in Pennsylvania, unlike similar ventures in Ukraine for example.


The Pennsylvania Anthracite Fields, the area that is the focus of our operations and strategy, has attracted British interest throughout its long history. Located in North-eastern Pennsylvania, the area is made up of 6 counties: Lackawanna, Luzerne, Columbia, Carbon, Schuylkill and Northumberland. It is accessible by three major rivers, the Lehigh, Schuylkill and Susquehanna which, with canals, provide excellent links to the major ports at Erie, Philadelphia and Baltimore. The fields, four in total, are a series of coal basins, some almost horizontal but the majority folded and faulted. The primary coal seam of interest is the Mammoth which reaches thicknesses of 40-50 feet in places.

Anthracite was famously discovered by the hunter Necho Allen – legend has it that in 1790 he fell asleep at the base of Broad Mountain in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and woke to the sight of a large fire after his campfire ignited an outcropping of anthracite. The first mines were set up, and a period of rapid expansion of the industry followed, helped in large part by an influx of immigrants from England, Wales, Ireland and Germany. Pennsylvanian anthracite is said to have fuelled the American Industrial Revolution, and by 1917 100 million tonnes were being produced per year. The industry gradually declined over the 20th Century, however despite the growth of oil and gas systems anthracite still retains a significant portion of the domestic heating markets in the north east of the US. Anthracite is not an ordinary coal destined to be burnt in power stations, but is a premium, high carbon product with specialist applications. The anthracite produced in Pennsylvania is regarded as particularly high quality – in addition to the low sulphur content and few impurities expected of quality anthracite, it has very low phosphate and salt levels which are beneficial in metallurgical applications.



Stockton Mine is operated by Atlantic Coal’s 100% owned subsidiary Coal Contractors (1991) Inc., and is located one mile from Hazleton, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. Geographically it is well positioned, with excellent industry infrastructure surrounding the property including well-maintained state roads and a railroad with nearby rail loading facilities. Geologically, it is located in the eastern portion of the Hazleton Coal basin, part of the Eastern Middle Anthracite coalfield. The Hazleton Coal basin is a relatively long, narrow synclinal fold striking east northeast – west southwest.

Stockton encompasses circa 900 acres and has proven reserves of 1.8 million tons of washed anthracite product. This is primarily located in the Mammoth seam, which reaches thickness of over 20ft in the bottom of the basin, although there are significant reserves to be found in the overlying Primrose, Diamond and Orchard seams too. As Stockton has been mined at various times since the 1850s, there is an excellent library of underground mine plans and cross sections which have given us a wealth of information about the site reserves and geology, demonstrating that there is still an abundance of high quality anthracite in close proximity to the surface. Reserve ‘audits’ are carried out annually by an independent mine engineering firm, the latest of which has confirmed the current proven reserve figure at 1.8million tons and given Stockton a forecast mine life of 11 years.


Pott & Bannon

Pott & Bannon is located 25 miles from Atlantic Coal's existing producing opencast anthracite operation, the Stockton Mine and is well positioned in close proximity to major east-coast transportation hubs. Like Stockton, the bulk of the Pott & Bannon reserves are in the high quality Mammoth Seam.

Based on information provided to the Company in a report, commissioned by the Reading Anthracite Company in January 1999 and prepared by John T. Boyd & Company, the Directors believed that the Pott and Bannon property could contain up to 13.6 million tons run-of-mine ("ROM") coal, equating to approximately 4.1Mt of washed, saleable anthracite. The average strip ratio was estimated to be 3.9 ROM (cubic yards of overburden to ton of ROM coal).

Confirming these resource details will form part of Atlantic Coal's initial preparatory work on the Property and will be updated by a qualified person (as defined within the AIM Rules for Companies). The Company has also been positively progressing the mine planning and engineering process on the Pott and Bannon reserve site with a view to bringing the site into production. The Company is, however, also looking at the programme for opening up the site in the context of the potential acquisition of both new anthracite reserves and operational mines.


Gowen Mine is a site which Atlantic Coal inherited when it acquired Stockton Mine – it was in the middle of reclamation having been mined to exhaustion by Coal Contractors (1991) Inc. in the 1990s. Today it stands as evidence of the Company’s commitment to, and quality of, environmental reclamation of derelict mine sites. Over 500 acres were reclaimed by CCI in the years leading up to 2012, and the resulting landscape is a vast improvement.

Steve Best – Chief Executive Officer

Managing Director of Atlantic Carbon Group Plc, Steve has over 30 years’ experience in opencast coal mining in the UK and the USA. He has been involved in the formation and operation of a number of private companies specializing in the acquisition of opencast coal mines and property development opportunities.

Adam Wilson – Executive Chairman

After qualifying as a Barrister at Law, Adam Wilson began his career at NM Rothschild in 1994 and subsequently moved to LCF Rothschild, specializing in equity derivative and structured product sales. In 1997 he joined Teather & Greenwood where he became Head of Derivatives before joining Hichens, Harrison & Co plc in 2003. He was appointed Managing Director of Hichens, Harrison & Co plc in October 2004 after which he floated the company on AIM and developed the business considerably until its sale to Religare Enterprises Limited in 2008.

Peter Chinneck – Non-Executive Director

Dr. Peter Chinneck trained in medicine at the University of Southampton before joining the Royal Medical Army Corps in 1980. He served as a Regimental Medical Officer reaching the rank of Major before leaving the Army in 1990 to pursue a career in aviation. He has over 17 years’ experience as a commercial pilot flying commercial, freighter and air ambulance services.

Ray Petrilla – Head of Corporate Finance (US)

With over 27 years’ experience in the Pennsylvanian anthracite industry, Ray has worked in various financial and management roles for the Stockton Coal Group since 2002. He is active in all aspects of corporate finance, in particular, major transactions, sourcing and negotiating finance for new projects and major equipment purchases and major sales contracts.

Barney Corrigan – Project Development Director

Barney has over 30 years’ experience in the resource industry including multiple roles as a Planning & Development Manager specializing in all aspects of mineral and waste planning. His principal role in the Company is the identification, evaluation, acquisition and development of coal sites in the USA and elsewhere, to widen the Company’s project portfolio, resource base and production profile.

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January 12 2016

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